Special Announcement 2020 Flying season will start 29 May

I am no longer flying from St Mary's

As per prior announcements, 2019 was my last year flying from St Mary's County Airport. Unexpired gift certificates will only be honored at the Massey Aerodrome. There are no refunds.

About Us


Experience the thrill of flying in an open cockpit biplane. Fly in a 1944 Stearman biplane over scenic upper reaches of the Chesapeake Bay.

In operation since 2000, we have safely flown over 2100 customers. 

Biplane Air Tours is registered with the FAA to conduct air tour operations. 

The flying season typically runs from May through October.  The majority of our flight are by appointment,  although we will take walk ups if the schedule permits. 

Flying  from the Massey Aerodrome   



  • Can Two People go up together at on time? Sorry, only one customer can fly at a time. 
  • Do you do acrobatics?  No, but at the customers request, we can perform roller coaster like climbs, descents and steep turns which are pretty thrilling for most.
  • How old do children have to be to fly ? There is no set age, but generally 10 years old. They must be tall enough to see over the side of the plane
  • Can I take pictures of my house? Yes - if within the range of the flight and outside any local airspace restrictions.


Prices are cash/check, a 3% fee is added for credit cards



 The 2020 Flying Season will start 29 May. We have taken the Maryland Strong Back to Business Pledge  to do our best to keep you safe from the Corona Virus. Please do your part and practice social distancing while at the airport, wear a mask & wash your hands frequently. 


Massey Aerodrome

  • 29-31 May
  • 5-7 June
  • 12-14 June
  • 3-5 July
  • 13-18 July
  • 7-9 Aug
  • 28-30 Aug
  • Sept-Oct dates will be posted latter this summer
  • Other dates may be available, call a week ahead of time for availability


Other Venues

  • 3-6 Sep: Antique Aircraft Association National Fly In
  •  7-11 Sep: National Stearman Fly, Galesburg Ill 
  • 3 Oct: Georgetown Wings & Wheels 
  •  John Brown Liberty Ship Fly Bys:  8 Aug & 19 Sep 

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Purchase a Gift Certificate by mail (for Massey only):

 Gift Certificates have a picture of the plane, the length of flight and contact information to schedule the ride. Certificates expire in 3 years.  Mail a check to:

Biplane Air Tours

605 Patuxent Reach Drive                               

Prince Frederick MD 20678                                               

Massey Aerodrome (see map below)

33541 Maryland Line Road Massey MD 21650

Call or Text our phone: (410) 535-4136

About the Plane


It's a 1944 Stearman Biplane !


The Stearman was a primary trainer used by both the US Navy and US Army Air Corp during WWII. Over half our pilots received their initial flight training in a Stearman. About 10,000 were manufactured by Boeing in Wichita Kansas from 1937 to 1945. Our plane was delivered to the US Army Air Corp in May of 1944 and trained pilot until the war ended in August 1945.


After the War

 After the war, the Stearman became the backbone of the crop dusting industry. Known for their rugged construction and wonderful flying qualities, they are now onto their third career in the sport aviation community.

The Stearman Restorers Association is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, flying and safety of Stearman Aircraft through the education of both members and the public.  We encourage those with an interest in Stearmans to visit their site.             

For more info on Stearman aircraft, visit www.opencockpit.net/kaydet.html   


76 years later and still flying !

   Our plane was acquired in 1989 and spent 7 years undergoing a total ground up restoration. Every component was disassembled and inspected. Practically every nut, bolt, bearing and bushing was replaced. All wing wood was replaced and a new propeller was installed.  In April 2017, after 20 years of faithful service, an overhauled engine was installed. In many respects, the plane is practically new.